42 Teams started in European Senior Team Chess Championship 2015!

Vienna – The European Senior Team Chess Championships are held from 12th to 20th July in Vienna. Christian Hursky and Johann Pöcksteiner from the Vienna Chess Federation opened the Event together with Marianne Klicka, President of the Vienna Parlament, and Kurt Jungwirth, the President of the Austrian Chess Federation. Jungwirth mentioned the long history of Vienna in chess and especially legends like Steinitz, Spielmann and Greenfeld. Marianne Klicka welcomed the 42 teams from 14 european countries with the hope that they will have a nice stay in the Austrian capital.

The first round started in time at 3:00 p.m. and the first sixteen boards were and will be broadcasted live in the internet. The big favorite in the open section is Russia followed by Italy, Israel, Germany and Sankt Petersburg. All these teams won their first round matches, except Germany. The Austrian Team from Styria managed to draw all games and to take a 2:2 against their big neighbours. There are three women teams from Russia, Austria and Germany in the competition. In the first round there was alread a direct match between Russia and Austria. The "Women Grandmaster Team" from Russia won with 3:1. Maria Horvath and Jutta Borek drew their games against WGM Strutinskaia and WGM Fatalibekova.

Vienna has nominated a team 75+. They started with a nice 3,5:0,5 win against "Germany Women" and showed their mental fitness. The oldest player in the Championship is Andreas Dückstein, who was born 1927. In his long career he has beaten the World Champions Euwe, Botwinnik and Spassky. In Vienna he is the best example how good chess can help to keep the mental fitness. In this spirit all participants are the winners, like organiser Johann Pöcksteiner finished his opening speech. (wk)


Results (Chess-Results):







As the mayor of Vienna I am very pleased that the Vienna Chess Federation will hold the European Senior Team Chess Championship 2015.

Mayor Dr. Michael Häupl
Dr. Michael Häupl

About 300 chess players from all over the world are expected for this international sportive event.

We are proud to provide optimal conditions for your creativity and also want to invite you to visit Vienna in all its variety and to enjoy its charming ambience.

I wish you a successful European Senior Team Chess Championship and welcome you to the metropolis of art and pleasure.



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