St. Petersburg won the European Team Championship of seniors in Vienna

Vienna - For nine days, Vienna was the Mecca of the chess seniors. St. Petersburg is from the start a class by itself in the tournament hall of the hotel Airo and gaining superior the European Championship with 16 points ahead to Israel (14) and Russia (13). Remarkably, "St. Petersburg" stays unbeaten not only as a team but also as individual players. Their perfect record is 11 wins, 25 draws and no defeat. The women's category was won from the Russian women's team with respect ahead to Germany and Austria.

Strange enough the start from St. Petersburg was not perfect. Already in the second round the team "Vienna 75+" reaches a sensational 2:2 against the favorite. However, it remains the only points dividing of the Russians until the final round. In the sixth round St. Petersburg shows a 2.5:1.5 victory against Israel and their serious tournament ambitions. The decision for the title falls in the prelast round. In a direct duel St. Petersburg wins 2.5:1.5 against the Russian National Team. The victory point brings IM Vadim Faibisovich against GM Evgeni Vasiukov on the top board. In the final round St. Petersburg ensures with a rapid 2:2 points against Russia's women the European title. More quickly Italy and Israel share the points. Israel thus securing the second place. Russia reaches with a 3,5:0,5 victory over Eppingen the Bronzemedal.

Closing Ceremony

The Austrian National Team lands with 12 points behind the "Schachfreunde Leipzig" and Italy at the 6th Place. The best result achieved Hans Singer with seven points out of nine games. This brings him the second prize on the fourth board. Georg Danner (5.5 /9), Kurt Petschar (5/9) and Karl Janetschek (4.5/9) complete the good team result. The other teams from Austria bring the following places: 11. Austria 2, 17. Lower Austria, 25. Vienna 75+, 28. Styria, 29. Vienna, 31. Vorarlberg and 37. Austria women. The oldest team, Vienna 75+, holds up well and achieved balanced three victories and three draws by three defeats. In the team played with the 88-year-old Andreas Dückstein the oldest participant of the tournament. He creates with 4.5 points out of 8 games still a positive result.

The best tournament performance manages Vladimir Karasev from Petersburg with a performance of 2476. He wins the individual competition on the third board. The other boards go to Palermo Carlos Garcia (ITA, board 1), Yuri Balashov (RUS, board 2), and Nikolai Pushkov (Russia, Board 4).

In the closing ceremony Dirk Jordan, the FIDE representative, praised the organizing team around Vienna Chess President Christian Hursky and tournament director Johann Pöcksteiner. "In particular, the side events offered were exemplary and highly liked from the participants," says Jordan. Four singers and a woman pianist from Belarus provided the musical accompaniment of the closing ceremony that will probably be long reminded from many.


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